Policies and Copyright

About Copyright:

The content of posts on this blog are the intellectual property of rememberedsummers.com

You may not reprint any posts, in full or in substance, without the written permission of info@rememberedsummers.com. If you cite information or quote from this blog, please say it came from www.rememberedsummers.wordpress.com ; a link to the original blog would be considerate, and helpful to your readers.

I am happy to share information, but please do not post my images without written permission. I try to respect the copyright of others, and, if you think I have violated your copyright, please contact me immediately and I will remove the image. Contact: info@rememberedsummers.com.   If an image is labeled “Remembered Summers”, I have either taken that photograph or inherited that photograph. It is not always possible to identify the original photographer on inherited photos.

Comment policy:

Corrections and additions are welcome; please be courteous. This is a community of people with shared interests. I may edit a comment for spelling, punctuation,  or length, but I will try to be faithful to your intent.

2 responses to “Policies and Copyright

  1. sarah

    dear remembered summers person
    i have just come across you.
    the painting of the orange. with the blue background.
    it’s just beautiful?
    who painted it?

    • Thanks. I painted it years ago — I was doing a series of watercolors
      where I painted an apple and and an orange separately, then cut them
      into strips and wove them together. And sold them! People seemed to
      enjoy the woven pictures more when I put a photo of the two separate
      paintings on the back. (It’s really hard to get exact colors on a
      computer screen — I probably intensified the color for the Christmas
      Orange blog.)

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